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We are information and inspiration for the solo traveler. Traveling alone is becoming increasingly commonplace these days and no longer a niche style of travel. We have information regarding all aspects of going solo from safety to meeting other solos.

solo in nuie and new caledonia solo guide to guatemala and honduras

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Solo Guides

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Solo in the City and City Guides


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Solo guide for England and Scotland

Bristol Harbour England

England and Scotland, two of the countries that make up the United Kingdom along with Wales and Northern Ireland are awesome places to visit on a solo trip. Occupying a large part of Great Britain.....read more about the UK here

Travel health for solos and long term travel

When you travel solo or for a long period of time when it is very important to take your health and well being seriously. Nothing can end a trip as fast as not looking fafter yourself is as important as ever.....read more about health for solos on the road

Country Guides & Destinations

Budget travellers guide to Cambodia and Vietnam

Vietnam Backpacker Guide

Two of Southeast Asia'a most popular backpacker destinations, the former French Indochina (as well as Laos) countries have much to offer all budgets and are great places for solo travel. Read our guide to Cambodia and Vietnam here.

Solo guide to Burkina Faso and Cameroon

Ok, so these two central African nations might not be on everyone's bucket list but they represent evergreen opportunities for the intrepid solo backpacker! read more here

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Latest Solo Travel News

More and more Americans ars going solo!

Solo Traveler

Who'd have thought it was ever possible that nearly 50% of Americans would ever consider taking a vacation on their own? Well according to latest statistics more and and more Americans are considering alone.

As in the rest of the world there has been a major shift towards people living on their own. This is particularly true in the Western World. It was considered a European thing but not so anymore as Americans are often finding themselves living alone. So along with solo living arrangements this is being translated into solo activities, like taking a vacation.

Popular Solo Travel Desinations for Americans

As you might expect Americans tend to like nearby destinations and this is no different for solos. Mexico has long been a favourite with U.S. vacationers and solo travelers are also flocking there for the sunshine and Spanish culture. Canada is also growing as a poular solo destination too.


A little further afield and Americans consider countries such as Australia and New Zealand as popular places to visit alone.


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