Your daily travel budget guide for Guatemala - Guatemala travel costs

Travel notes for Guatemala:

Guatemala currency is the quetzal but we have used USD as many things are quoted in dollars. Costs are based on the main tourist centers such as Antigua. Guatemala is one of the most popular destinations in Central America with a range of visitor attraction such as Mayan ruins, beaches, volcanoes and a big center for learning Spanish.

Average eating preferences for Guatemala.

Accommodation preference for Guatemala.

Drinking water for Guatemala.

Average daily drinks consumption for Guatemala.

Internet / cyber cafes in Guatemala.

Other costs (in local currency) e.g. day trips, admissions, activities etc.

Number of days in Guatemala

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Further notes:
Leave the fields blank if you do not want to include them in calculations.

Eating - This is based on eating out in Guatemala unless otherwise specified.
Internet Costs - These have been based oncybercafes in Guatemala.
Drinking - Based on a large beer or glass of wine in an average priced Guatemala pub / bar.
Other Costs - Add up any other costs that you are anticipating while in Guatemala.

Please Note: This is an approximate guide to how expensive travel to Guatemala is.

Further travel information: If you are travelling around the world then you should ensure you have holiday insurance for the over 75s and for travel insurance over 85 you should always be covered for travel insurance 90s in case of any emergencies.

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