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Rio 2016 – Home of the Summer Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro is More than Just the Olympics

Every four years, the attention of sports fans around the world focuses on one particular city: the host of the Summer Olympics. The 2016 Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it is not too soon to start planning your visit if you want to see the games in person – or if you just want to have an outstanding holiday. Opening Day is 5 August and the lavish Closing Ceremony will be held on the 21st. Tickets are no longer that easy to come by, but the experience promises to be unforgettable, in equal parts for the stunning venues, the exciting sporting events, and all that Rio has to offer.

rio olympics

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil, second only to São Paulo, and it draws millions of tourists every year. The main language is Portuguese and the currency is the 'real.’ Olympic events will take place in four neighbourhoods: Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro, and Maracana, at 34 state-of-the-art competition venues, with most of the events held in Barra. Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that August is towards the end of the winter(!) in Rio. Nonetheless, the weather is expected to be mild, with temperatures in the 70’s – nothing like winter in the UK. Rio is a coastal city and it is famous for its fabulous beaches, which are glorious even in the “winter” months. Anyone traveling to Rio for the Olympic Games, should put aside some time to just enjoy the attractions that make Rio de Janeiro such a beautiful destination.

Some of the top destinations near Rio that are definitely worthy of being on the ‘to visit’ list include the Big Island, Ilha Grande, some 90+ miles from Rio, a haven for those who like tropical forests and untouched beaches. Another beach resort is Buzlos, which sports nearly two dozen glorious beaches! For a bit of history mixed with the sea, picturesque coastal town Paraty features cobblestone streets and lovely shops, but it located some 160 miles from the events taking place in Olympic Village.

Rio 2016 Tickets Are Reasonably Priced

After touring the area, you will want to get back to Rio and the Olympic Games themselves, which promise to be as exciting as the city in which they are taking place. More than 10,000 athletes from around the world will be participating in 28 sports, and about six million tickets are on sale. The average price is $36, but that means that more than half the tickets are being sold for less than $30, and at least 2 million tickets will cost less than $20. This means that access to even the most desirable events, such as swimming, gymnastics, and athletics, is not out of anyone’s reach.

William Hill

The Olympics is a great opportunity to make a few well-placed wagers on your favourite athletes and national teams, and there is no easier way to do that than with William Hill. Online betting is safe and convenient, and if you can’t make it to the games in person – or even if you can! – this is the ideal way to raise the excitement level and feel like you’re truly part of the action.

Essential Travel information for Brazil

Getting to Brazil and around

Brazil is one of the main gateways to South America, and Rio is the busiest air space in the country. Many airlines from North America, Europe and in some cases Asia / Pacific fly direct to Rio. Expect airfares to be high this year, in fact it might be cheaper to fly into another part of Latin America and then fly onwards.

Solo Safety in Rio and Brazil

Ok, lets be honest, Rio and Brazil doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to travel safety, and if you are on your own, you'll need to be on your guard even more. However, do not let reputations put you off, many people visit Rio, even alone, and have a great time and are not victims of petty crime or worse. The same precautions should be taken as any other big city. Rio needs to be no more dangerous than your average European or North American city.

Where to stay

Rio is going to be jam packed during the Games, and on top of that it will be summer vacation time. It could be as busy as the carnival time. Our advice is always have something booked in advance and perhaps consider hostels, rather than hotels, as they'll be a whole lot cheaper. Air Bnb is becoming popular in Brazil, so it might be worth checking out your travel dates on their site.

After the Olympics?

If you have time to spare, then you should consider heading north towards the big coastal cities, such as Recife. Also consider a trip inland to see the mighty Amazon and experience a totally different side of this fabulously diverse country.

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