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What your airline seat choice can say about you

The choice of airline seat to some people is quite an important aspect of the flying experience and particularly on long haul flights the thought of being in your least favourite seat for 12 hours is the stuff of travel nightmares.

We usually have the choice of aisle or window seats but usually there is a choice of  middle seats too which offers an intriguing alternative.

Aisle seats

As the author of this article I have to confess to always choosing this option. I don’t care about being able to see us all take off or land, the view of the moutain range or the lights of the mega-city below.

All I care about is that it offers me the choice to comfortably get up and out of my seat whenever I want without having to run it by anyone else.

So if you like your aisle seats then I’d suggest that you are a person who doesn’t like to feel trapped and appreciates freedom. Perhaps this could suggest you also have commitment issues too in life?  Choosing the aisle seat could mark you out as a control freak.

Window seats

This is the most popular choice of seats. The window has many advantages such as offering a view out of the window and the ability to perhaps be more comfortable as you can lean up against the window to perhaps sleep easier. You are also not going to be disturbed. The main disadvantage is having to disturb at least one, sometimes two people in order to get up.

If you are a window seat person then in life you might be one who likes their own space. You might be a little shy too as it’s easy to shut yourself away from other passengers, although this shyness can be tested if you need to visit the restroom!

Middle seats

The least favourite choice due to having none of the advantages of the window or aisle. People will rarely select this option unless they are travelling with other people.

If you do choose this seat then it could suggest you have a very easy going nature who quite frankly is not bothered about where they sit because it does n’t really matter as we all get off the plane at some point.