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Australia Tips for Solo Travel

Australia has been losing numbers of tourists in recent yeads , in part due to the high Aussie dollar which has made it a very expensive destination, even for those who are here on a budget.

However Aussie is a big country and is a big destination for Asian students looking to learn English and working holiday makers here to make their fortune. It is also a great destination to travel alone due in part to the extensive backpacker hostel network. Even in the smallest town you can usually find a small hostel with a dorm bed or two.


There is no reason why you can’t even take a cruise as a soloist as there are plenty of options is Aus.

Australia is enormous — nearly the size of the continental U.S. You wouldn’t try to see the entire U.S. in two weeks, so don’t attempt to do it in Australia either. If you have limited time for your trip, fix your sights on one or two regions and explore them thoroughly — you’ll have a more relaxing experience, and save both time and money on transportation. Consider a cruise. The recent economic slump has led to discounts within the cruise industry — and if you’re looking to see a variety of destinations without having to unpack more than once, a cruise is a cost-efficient and convenient option.


A few examples: We found a 13-night Princess Cruises cruise in November from $1,299 per person and a 14-night Holland America cruise in November from $1,399 per person. These rates include accommodations, meals, entertainment and transportation from each port to the next. P&O Cruises Australia is another affordable cruise line to consider. Travel Budget Calculator6. Look for freebies. Australia has a wealth of museums and attractions that don’t charge admission fees — like Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens.


Buy a discount card. You can purchase a SmartVisit Card for popular tourist destinations like Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. The cards include free entry to many area attractions, as well as special offers and discounts, for a single price. These cards may save you money if you’re doing a lot of sightseeing in a short period of time.

Australia is a great country to travel about on your own as the locals are very friendly and you’ll never be short of friends if you stay in hostels.