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Going Solo in Panama – Budget Central American Travel

Panama could be described as an ‘up and gone already’ destination, having proved very popular with American tourists and expats for a number of years. Actually it is very easy to get off the beaten track in the country and Panama for solo travel is a great destination for backpackers.

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Brazil Solo Travel Guide

Solo Travel Brazil Guide Brazil is the largest country in South America and in terms of travel is probably the most diverse too. It’s a mostly tropical country with outstandingly interesting cities and diverse landscapes. It is not the cheapest destination in South America but the local currency has suffered pretty big fall of late… Read More »Brazil Solo Travel Guide

A Travel Guide to France

Taking a trip to France France remains as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Based on the report released by the {French Government Tourist Office} in 2010, the country attracted 78.95 million foreign tourists. If you’re planning to visit France this year then here are some helpful guidelines for you. Bring… Read More »A Travel Guide to France