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Bangkok for one

Bangkok is the city of Angels according to the Thais but really it’s the city of travelers, many of whom are traveling alone. The city really needs no other introduction. This mega city of 10 million plus inhabitants continues to grow, expand and sink all at the same time.

For the solo traveler who is aboout to start an intrepid trip around SE Asia there can be no better placer to start one’s travel.


Maybe you are looking for a travel buddy or wanting to stock up on malerial meds for your hike through the jungles of Borneo. Whatever you are looking for then Bangkok is going to have it for you and there will always be a local ready to help you out.

Many people indeed start in Bangkok and usually once they have landed at one of the two International airports they will then head to the safety that is Koh San Road, the traveler ghetto that has grown up from one guesthouse for traveling salesmen to an entire area geared entirely to the intrepid world traveler.

You can also take a bicycle tour which is a great way to see the city and meet other travellers.

Having said that many Thais are also attracted to KSR to have a drink and be part of the international circus.

KSR is not on the metro systems but you can travel around easily by boat, bus or taxi.

Here are some solo transport tips for Bangkok:

  • Insist Taxi drivers put their meter on, if they refuse then walk away
  • Tuk Tuks will not have meters so always agree a price before you climb aboard
  • Bus 15 (red) leaves from near KSR and travels straight to Siam Centre which is pretty much the center of Bangkok
  • The boat is also a good way of getting around and to a sky train station. Ask at your guesthouse for directions
  • Walking anywhere far from KSR is not worth the effort or the exhaust fumes!

Most importantly Enjoy Bangkok!