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Solo Travel in the Caribbean

Have you ever considered heading to the Caribbean as a solo traveler? Check out our guide to some of the island nations of this spectacular region.

Not so alone on the Camino

Camino de Santiago Solo The Camino de Santiago, as most people know it is actually one of a number of caminos (see the map below!) that all end up in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, in the northwest of the country. This article refers to the most popular Camino known as the Camino… Read More »Not so alone on the Camino

Where Can I Go?

Countries with no coronavirus restrictions Updated March 2021. The following countries currently have no health restrictions whatsoever. No PCR tests, no quarantine, no nothing! ALBANIA… Read More »Where Can I Go?

Solo Travel Guide to Chile and Argentina

Chile and Argentina are two of richest nations in South America. They are also two of the safest in terms of solo travel. Both are large countries too and travel planning can take quite a bit if effort.