Finding your own pace in Turkey

It may not be for everyone, but travelling alone can be an exhilarating and liberating experience. Untying yourself from life’s daily timetable and striking out on your own, keeping your own pace, is one of the best feelings in the world – one that everybody should experience at least once, if not all the time! … Read more

Bangkok for one

Bangkok is the city of Angels according to the Thais but really it’s the city of travelers, many of whom are traveling alone. The city really needs no other introduction. This mega city of 10 million plus inhabitants continues to grow, expand and sink all at the same time. For the solo traveler who is … Read more

10 Solo Travel Tips for London

London may not be the cheapest city to stay in but there are ways to cut costs and still enjoy the many pleasures it offers – and plenty of opportunities to meet other solo travellers if you are visiting alone. Here are 10 solo travel tips for London. 1. Getting there Check your flight tickets … Read more

Melbourne City Travel Guide

If you are ever planning on going solo to Australia, then a visit to Melbourne is a place that you have to fit into your solo traveling schedule somehow. Situated in the “Victoria” area on Australia’s east coast, makes Melbourne a great city to visit if you want to see picturesque shorelines and stunning landscapes. … Read more

Alternatives to Going Solo

Going completely alone on a trip might not be for everyone. Some people really need to be around others and have company most of the time. Some might be wanting to visit a country that doesn’t have the safest record for travelers and a female might not feel like visiting a non-female friendly country alone. … Read more