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Four top cities for Solo Travel

Traveling alone can be quite daunting but there are lots of cities across the globe that are very easy for solo travellers to find their feet. Like all cities you should always give safety a thought, particularly if you are on your own.

Here is a small lists of cities we have enjoyed traveling to.

1. Miami Beach, USA

Miami is a seriously cool city to hang out and with a warm year round climate there is never a bad time to be there.

Miami Beach area is packed full of backpacker type hostels and traveller guest houses so a bed will never be a problem. There are lots of activities to do on your own such as renting a bicycle and cruising up and down the boardwalk behind the beach.

If you want a bit if company then join one if the many tours on offer such as the Art Deco tour which is affordable and runs every day.

Miami has pumping nightlife with many bars where you won’t look out of place propping the bar up and chatting to the friendly bar tenders.

2. Melbourne, Australia

You gotta love Australian cities and Melbourne the capital of Victoria should be no exception. Melbourne is famous for a host of sporting and cultural events that run year round.

Melbourne has a temperate climate and can get very hot in the summer around Jan and Feb so you might want to cool down at one of the beaches, St Kilda being particularly popular with visitors and backpackers alike.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital has recently overtaken London England as the most visited city of 2012 and with it’s energy and relentless life it’s not hard to see why so many travellers flock here.

The unofficial capital of backpacking in SE Asia, the city never sleeps and is a great base for a solo traveler.

Hanging out on Koh San Road was once cool, then not so, but is regaining its cool due to the many Thais that hang out on the street. It really is a world in miniature and if you go in with an open mind then you are sure to have fun.

The city can be visited anytime of the year, but gets very hot in April thru September. There are 100s of backpacker style guest houses so you should not have an issue finding a bed and other travellers to share your fruit shake with. We love Bangkok!

4. Budapest

The capital of Hungary is a great destination for solo travellers. The city is made up of two areas called Buda and Pest, hence the name, and has literally hundred of small pensions and hostels to stay at.

The city also likes to party and there are many bar crawls to join which are a great way to hook up with other travellers.

In the day time you should definitely check out the famous Spas that are all around the city.