Eland's Bay - A South African Dream

This small seaside village has thankfully remained just that - small. Without the development and rush of rich holidaymakers seeking to stake their claim on the coast, Eland's Bay has kept much of its former rustic nature and small West Coast town atmosphere, perhaps also due to its relative inaccessibility with its dirt roads over the years.

However, for those that make the effort to get there, the town holds a plethora of wonders to keep even the most active person busy. With one of Africa's finest left-breaking waves breaking off the point, E-Bay as it is known amongst the surf fraternity, is an underground Mecca for wave riders, much like Jeffrey's Bay, although without the crowds and multitude of holiday houses.

The rocky bays on the wild sides that lie North and South of the town allow some top-class fishing in deep, clean water, while the 30km-long Verlorenvlei dam has some of the best bream fishing to be had in the Western Cape, as well as world-class water bird watching with P urple Gallinule, Eastern White Pelican, African Spoonbill, Cape Shoveller, African Fish Eagle, Goliath and Purple Herons as well as European Bee-eaters being in abundance. The Vlei is classified as a Ramsar-listed site.

For those looking for some activity on dry land, the town offers some fantastic hikes, particularly to Eland's Bay Cave, which is noted as one of the country's most important archaeological sites, with its Rock Art, which dates back as far as the Pleistocene era -10,000 years ago.

Accommodation is comfortable, with the Hotel Eland offering cheap rooms, good food and a bar that is brimful of local character (and characters!). Self-contained chalets are available next to the hotel, although you might have to get there before the groups of surfers that come up over the weekends.

A true slice of West Coast life, Elands Bay offers small-town relaxation, great activities and epic sunsets, which are guaranteed to give some respite to your soul.

Contact the Hotel Eland for accommodation details on Tel: +27 22 9721 640, or visit for more info.

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