New Zealand for the Backpacker & Solo Traveller

As a solo and backpacker destination:

Like Australia New Zealand is great for solo backpacker and the opportunities to meet people of all ages are limitless. New Zealand is also highly geared to backpacking.

Kiwis are very friendly and will be more than happy to help the backpacker. They are very proud of their country and what it has to offer!


Certainly the best option if you are on your own in The Land of the Long White Cloud is to stay in backpacker type Hostels. Virtually all hostels provide dormitory style accommodation. This is a great way to meet other travellers and find travel companions.

Hostels range from party style backpackers that generally have a young feel (late teens to 24) and most people are out for a good time and lots of drinking. At the other end of the spectrum are the YHAs that generally attracts an older traveller or people that are less bothered about partying. There is generally a good mix of people in YHAs.


Hostels in New Zealand start at around NZ$14 for very cheap dorms rooms to NZ$30 a night for more expensive dorms. YHAs are in this bracket.

If you are not prepared to share a dorm with strangers then you'll be spending a lot more money. Not too many hostels in New Zealand have single rooms so you will be paying for a double on your own.

One option is to camp. Hostels away from the cities and large urban areas will generally allow you camp in their grounds. Camping is also possible in the excellent network of DOC parks.

Trips and activities:

New Zealand is without doubt very geared up to tourism and independent travel. The Kiwis certainly know how to get the tourist dollar! One great way to meet other liked minded travellers is to join one of the many organised tours.

Here is a list of ideas.

Winery tours in Blenheim and Marlborough
Camping and trekking in the Southern Alps
Jet boating in Queenstown and around.
Learning to surf in Raglan.
Whale watching trips on the South Island.
Cultural trips around Wellington.



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