Gay Solo Travel

Solo Travel for LGBT Sadly, whether or not it’s ok to be gay abroad varies wherever you are in the world. In some countries it’s so acceptable there’s barely a need for a scene, whereas in others you can still be stoned to death for what’s perceived as a heinous crime against God (or whichever … Read more

Solo Travel Guide for Finland and Estonia

Solo Backpackers Guide to Finland and Estonia Finland and Estonia are very close to each other, well geographically anyway! Finland is a thoroughly modern country with a strong social security system and is often featured high on the┬álists of desirable countries to live. Estonia was part of the former USSR block but is now a … Read more

Arriving in Lima Peru as a solo traveler

As part of our new solo safety season of posts we thought we’d look at some of the destinations with not such a great reputation. Our guides and information will hopefully take you safely from the immigration hall to your hotel. Arriving in any big city can be an intimidating experience for even the most … Read more

Brazil Solo Travel Guide

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Solo Travel Brazil Guide Brazil is the largest country in South America and in terms of travel is probably the most diverse too. It’s a mostly tropical country with outstandingly interesting cities and diverse landscapes. It is not the cheapest destination in South America but the local currency has suffered pretty big fall of late … Read more

Solo Travel Gay European City Guides

This month we are going to feature some of the more popular city break options, but not only from a solos point of view, but that of a gay or lesbian traveler. We are focusing on popular European destinations; London, Barcelona and Berlin. Whether or not it’s ok to be gay abroad varies wherever you … Read more