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Alternatives to Going Solo

Going completely alone on a trip might not be for everyone. Some people really need to be around others and have company most of the time. Some might be wanting to visit a country that doesn’t have the safest record for travelers and a female might not feel like visiting a non-female friendly country alone.… Read More »Alternatives to Going Solo

Prague solo travel guide

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and along with Barcelona, Paris, London and Rome is one of the darlings of European tourism. Prague boasts a huge array of places to stay, attractions, places to eat and has some of the best beer in the World! As a solo travel destination Prague truly… Read More »Prague solo travel guide

Solo in Milan

Milan is the financial capital of Italy and is very much the engine room of the country so on the face of it might not be a number one destination for solo travelers who generally prefer Florence and Venice. However Milan has a lot offer the single traveler and if you time your trip not… Read More »Solo in Milan

Disadvantages of Traveling Solo

It’s with some reluctance that I write about this subject because for me, someone who is passionate about solo travel, I see only positive things from the solo experience. The ability to go where you want, when you want, will always outweigh any disadvantages. So here, as promised are some of the general disadvantages of… Read More »Disadvantages of Traveling Solo

Solo Guide to Miami Beach

Florida is blessed with many awesome beach towns and cities but few compare in size and stature to Miami Beach, particularly the area around South Beach. What makes it such an ideal solo destination is the fact that you can be who you want to be because pretty much every flavor of humanity exists here!… Read More »Solo Guide to Miami Beach

Couchsurfing for the solo

One of  the biggest obstacles for the solo traveler to overcome is being potentially lonely on the road and this no doubt puts off many potential solos. There are many different ways of hooking up with other travelers such as staying in hostels, doing activities but what about meeting locals? This is where couchsurfing comes… Read More »Couchsurfing for the solo