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Prague solo travel guide

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and along with Barcelona, Paris, London and Rome is one of the darlings of European tourism. Prague boasts a huge array of places to stay, attractions, places to eat and has some of the best beer in the World!

As a solo travel destination Prague truly excels and is possibly one of the most solo friendly cities in the Western world, certainly in Europe anyway.

What makes Prague such a cool place for solos?

– Accommodation
– Numerous tours
– Friendly locals and many other solo travelers
– Bar / Pub culture
– Huge foreign and expat population

Prague Accommodation for Solos

You are truly spoiled with options in Prague. If you are a younger solo traveler or backpacker then there are lots of backpacker style hostels that offer sociable lodgings. Some of the hostels have bars and the rule of thumb is that if there is a bar then it will likely be a party place!

Many of the hostels in Praha 1 (Central Prague) have private rooms too which are ideal for the older backpacker.

There are many smaller hotels too and as true of much of Europe, many will offer a discount for single occupancy of a double room.

Things to do in Prague for solos

Being on your own in Prague is great if you want to take in all the splendid historical buildings such a Prague Castle but if you want some company then the many tours on offer can provide a great alternative to wandering around on your own.

Prague Royal Free Walks offers a Daily Free Tour at 11:00AM & 2:00PM who meets in Old Town Square near the Astronomical Clock. The friendly guides are wearing yellow T-shirts with yellow umbrellas. Tours are provided in English and Spanish and are 2.5 hours.

Prague Adventure Mountain Bike tours offer daily guided Mtb trips for everybody and for expert bikers in search of nature and culture in the Prague Area.

Then you have the Prague Underground Tours that go beneath the town is an other city. The one from before. Visit the undergrounds at the OldTown square from the 12th century and some even older and hidden rooms. This is a great discovery tour.

Another interesting historic tour is the  Communism and Nuclear Bunker tour.  You can discover the background and stories from the communist time and experience how life was in Czechoslovakia during the communism and in the cold war period.

Finally, after all that walking and history then we’d highly recommend the Prague Beer Tours. There is many hidden microbreweries and pubs with special and limited beer production. Taste the unique homebrew beers, see truly local pubs, learn about Czech beer, its history, production and discover the traditional Czech Beer Culture.

Prague in the evening for solos

There are lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants in Praha to suit every taste and budget. Most tourist orientated places are found in the New Town but you do not have to go far to find local haunts.

The cuisine of the Czech Republic is very much based on meat but being the cosmopolitan place it is, you find meat free food all over. There is a particular concentration of Vietnamese food in the center along with every other cuisine imaginable!

Drinking is big business in Prague and the beer halls are exceptionally friendly places to go for a solitary beer with locals usually eager to start a conversation in English.

There are many expat themed Irish pubs too that attract all manor of folk. The one thing we’d recommend to solos is to avoid the Old Town Irish/British style bars on a weekend as you may well be swamped by huge groups of stag and hen parties.

When we visited the smaller friendlier bars were devoid of large groups.

One great drinking tip for Prague is to consider that in Prague it is customary, especially at beer halls, to sit with a group of people if there are no free tables and the locals will be totally cool with this so don’t be shy.

Finally, for younger solo travelers, check out the numerous pub crawls which is a great way of meeting other folk. It must be emphasized that these are squarely aimed at the younger revelers. Older solos should check out the various beer tours that tend to have a wider age range.

…and Finally

Prague is a top destination for solos. Go there with an open mind and a friendly smile and you are sure to have a great time!