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How to do San Francisco by yourself

Are you going to San Francisco alone? In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best things you can do in the famous “City by the Bay.”

Thankfully, the city is renowned for its numerous attractions so our work here has been made easy. What we have done is choose the very best things you should do as soon as you have got over the jetlag or road trip.


Cable car rides

Roll around the city on this urban roller coaster ride. A must-not miss opportunity; you get to enjoy the nice weather and friendly locals whilst getting close to the amazing sights of the city. To save some money, you should consider getting a one day pass to ride to multiple locations across the city.

Visit the Rock


You can take the cruise to Alcatraz Island. Considered to be the most infamous prison, you get to tour around the deserted island, and get a glimpse of what life was like in there.

See Chinatown

This is one of the best experiences waiting for you in San Francisco. It is totally worth exploring on foot but you can also ride through the town on the cable cars. There are loads of souvenir shops for tourists, lovely restaurants serving high quality Asian food. The best time to explore Chinatown is during one of the Chinese festivals, such as the Chinese New Year, Autumn Moon and the Dragon Boat Festivals.

See the Golden Gate Bridge

Arguably the most iconic among all the attractions in this city, you don’t want to come back to the UK without having seen the Golden Bridge. Get on one of the City tours to learn about the Bridge and the City.

Visit the Japanese Tea Garden

The garden is located in the heart of the Golden Bridge Park and it is packed all year round. The garden offers a lovely location to sit alone and take in the beauty of nature while enjoying Japanese tea and cookies! Confucius say;”Go to Park!”

Take the Stairs

Are you ready to go down the 400 steps on the Telegraph Hill? It is worth the trip as you will get to enjoy the breath taking view overlooking San Francisco. If lucky enough, you might even get to see some rare wild parrots that live on the hill.


Visit the Zoo

There are dozens of rare animal species here living in specially crafted environments; you are virtually guaranteed to have fun if animals are your thing.

Take the Vampire Tour

Are you intrigued by the vampire culture? You will definitely enjoy this 2-hour tour that will start from the Noble Hill area and take you through lots of vampire fantasy sites. You can either see the attractions on your own, or sign up for the Halloween tours.

See the Wax Museum

The Wax Museum in San Francisco has continued to entertain visitors like you for over a hundred years. You can see amazing life-sized wax depictions of international dictators, as well as present day political leaders and music stars.

These are some of the best ways you can spend your time in San Francisco alone. They are guaranteed to keep you busy regardless of how long you are staying! Worried about how to get there in the first place? Companies like Expedia have you covered!

This great City offers basic to luxury accommodation, and everything in between. If you are travelling alone you might like to try shared accommodation to meet some people.

Solo Travel Extras for San Fran

Considering the size and disparity in wealth, San Francisco is a relatively safe city by US standards. Of course you should be careful on your own at night, like any big city so try and avoid being too drunk for instance. San Fran is a party city for sure with great nightlife and live music but don’t let your guard down too much late on.

In terms of expense San Francisco certainly isn’t the cheapest city in North America but as a visitor don’t let this put you off as there are many free activities to enjoy.

San Fran has a number of youth hostels and backpackers, actually more than you would find in many other US cities so a cheap bed should not be hard to find.

Try and avoid busy times of the year particularly around holiday and vacation time as the city is a popular destination for domestic and international travellers alike.

The climate is typically Northern Californian so it’s pretty benign most of the year although it has it’s famous harbor mist that can roll in and make things seems a little chilly, even in the summer time.

Have fun in SF and don’t be intimidated as a solo traveler. The locals are friendly and there are so many group activities and trips to join that you should never have to feel alone in the City.