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Laos travel by yourself

When you are tired of Thailand, vexed with Vietnam and bored with Burma then you should definitely check out luscious Laos. Many say Laos is like Thailand was 20 years ago, and in some respect that is true, making it a no better time to visit the new land of smiles.

When to go to Laos

Laos is a year round destination but there are better times to go than others. The peak season runs from November to March and this coincides with the winter season where temperatures are slit lay cooler but rainfall dryer.

Things can really heat up in April until July and it can be hazy from agricultural burning. August through November is the rainy season and probably best avoided although the countryside is lush in colours.

Travel Costs in Laos

Compared to neighbouring countries Laos is very good value for money indeed in a region that’s already cheap. Even as a solo traveler you can have your own room for less than £10 per night and even less if you are willing lot share. Food can be had for less than £5 per day and beer is very cheap too.

There are many free attractions in Laos and costs of tours are cheap compared to prices you might pay in Europe.

Meeting other solo travellers in Laos

With Laos being such a cheap country to travel alone there are always lots of single travellers around to hook up with. Staying in cheap lodgings and you will always meet other like minded folk of all ages.

There are lots of tours to join too where you are likely to meet others travellers who are on their own so there is no excuse to be alone!

Where to go in Laos

There are three or four places with a lively traveller scene in Laos which are popular with single travellers.

Vientiane city guide

The capital city is like no other as it sits lazily on the banks of the mighty Mekong. Dining options are excellent here and there is quite a bit to see, particularly if you enjoy temples and historical sights. There is some good night life as well but things close down pretty early in Laos so come here expecting a mini version of Bangkok!

Vang Vieng travel

The once official party central of Laos has since November 2012 become a little more like its sleep old self since the government clamped down on all the partying.

It is still worth a visit with many outdoor attractions such as the tubing down the river, many walks, kayaking and caving too.

Just don’t expect a late night.

Luang Prabang world heritage city

The world heritage city is a must stop destination in Asia. So much culture and fine dining you may think you are in France not Laos!

There is a really cool night market that takes up whole streets, you have the mighty Mekong of or activities or just cruising along and world class restaurants at affordable prices. LP is also the home of many spas too.

Around Luang Prabang you also have many attractions where as a solo you can join the many tours that run from town. The waterfalls and Buddha caves are two of the best.

4000 Islands Southern Laos

The so called 4000 islands are probably nearer 400 in reality but offer a tiny piece of the southern Thai experience to Laos.

This is a real place to kick back and do nothing but read a good book in a hammock.

If you want activities and to meet other travellers then you can of course join a number of tours, such as a day trip to see the largest waterfall system in all of Southeast Asia.

Also there are some rare fresh water dolphins that can be viewed via an organised boat trip.

In summary, Laos is an excellent destination for solo travel as it offers the main ingredients for a solo trip, that is being affordable with many activities and other solo travellers.

Our advice would be to get there quick before it becomes another Thailand.