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Melbourne City Travel Guide

If you are ever planning on going solo to Australia, then a visit to Melbourne is a place that you have to fit into your solo traveling schedule somehow. Situated in the “Victoria” area on Australia’s east coast, makes Melbourne a great city to visit if you want to see picturesque shorelines and stunning landscapes.

There are number of interesting things to see during your stay here, with just a few just of them listed below:

1. Queen Victoria Market

This is one of the largest open air markets, where over 600 traders come together. This market has been going on for 120 years. Here you can find a mixture of organic foods, ranging from delicious cheeses to perfectly ripe fruit. There is even a night market, which runs from November to February.

2. Abbotsford Convent

This convent dates back to1861, however, there are no longer any nuns here. It has historic buildings and some fabulous art to look at if this is what interests you. It is a great place for the art community, having lots of different styles of art placed throughout the convent.

3. Flagstaff Gardens

This is where most of the early settlers settled in Melbourne. The gardens are suited on top of Burial Hill and has one of the best views of the entire city and the bay, which is why the signalling station is set up there.

Solo travel accommodation options for you in Melbourne:

So you might be wondering what style of accommodation is best when staying in Melbourne. There are a selection of hotels and hostels to choose from, however a popular lodging choice in Melbourne is staying in private accommodation, such as the apartments. Not only does staying in this style of accommodation gives you a better insight into the local culture, but it also provides you with more space and privacy. Melbourne is a fantastic city to visit, so make sure you make the most of it by selecting the right place for you and your group trip.

If you are heading to Australia then ensure you have good travel insurance over 64 coverage in case you run into issues.