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Disadvantages of Traveling Solo

It’s with some reluctance that I write about this subject because for me, someone who is passionate about solo travel, I see only positive things from the solo experience. The ability to go where you want, when you want, will always outweigh any disadvantages.

So here, as promised are some of the general disadvantages of solo travel.

Being alone and suffering loneliness

If you crave other people’s attention and need to be around others 24/7 then perhaps solo travel isn’t for you. Being on the road alone, staying in single room accommodation and homesickness can all make the solo experience an unhappy one.

But, and there is a big but, solo travel does not have to result in loneliness. I have met more people, both travelers and locals, when I have set out alone compared to when I have had a travel buddy. The great thing is that you can generally choose when you want ‘me time’.

Solo travel is more expensive

I have to admit that traveling alone is probably more expensive than traveling with others. The main travel costs are food and accommodation which can both be split if there is a group of you. Even travel with one other would generally work out cheaper as you can share the cost.

But, in most countries, it is possible to find dormitory style accommodation which often works out cheaper than a couple sharing a twin or double room, particularly in countries with a big network of hostels such as Australia and much of Europe.

Safety issues

If you are walking down a street alone you are far more likely to be a target of muggers, pickpockets etc It’s hard to argue against that, being with someone else you are less likely to fall victim to crime.

But, because you will likely meet many other solos, you will more than likely have someone to head out with. In the day you are generally going to be pretty safe anyway and providing you are careful at night, use common sense etc then there is no reason why you cannot remain safe e.g take taxis if it’s recommended.

To sum up

It feels unnatural for me to write about the negatives of solo travel but I feel confident enough not to have put anyone off due to the overwhelming advantages of traveling alone.

So my advice would be to try it, you have nothing to lose, you are bound to meet lots of other individuals in the same boat and even the most shy won’t have an issue hanging out with other travelers.