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Top 3 Solo Destinations

Some countries are just really well geared up to solo travelers and make excellent destinations to explore alone without requiring a travel buddy. The main factor which makes these countries stand out is the ease of which it is to meet other travelers and to have the option not to be  ‘alone’.


1. New Zealand

NZ is a small country but a huge destination for the globe trotting backpacker. Having the opposite summer season compared to the northern hemisphere helps but an extensive network of hostels and backpacker lodges keeps them coming back for more.

Meeting other solos is as easy as booking a dorm bed or hiking one of the many tracks around the country. There is also an extensive working holiday and wwoof network that is appealing too.


2. Australia

The lucky country like it’s smaller neighbor offers a sunny warm climate while most of the north is shivering and skiing. Just like NZ there is an extensive network of affordable places to stay where it’s very easy to meet other travelers.

There are some pretty well worn routes that as a solo you can stick to and have the guarantee of meeting lots of other folk on their own. Bus services like the OZ Experience and Contiki tours are also very much geared to younger solo travelers.


3. Thailand

The land of smiles attracts solo travelers from every age group and corner of the world. Guesthouses are very affordable by western standards so it’s entirely possible to travel alone and still have a room to yourself.

Thailand is very much on the banana pancake trail with Bangkok starring as the epi-centre of backpacking in Southeast Asia.

Popular group activities to join include 2/3 day treks around Chiang Mai and PADI diving courses on the  southern islands.