Travel Safety Advice for Solo Women

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Travel advice for female travelers

The main issue for solo female travelers compared to their solo male counterparts is the threat of sexual harassment from local men and even male travelers.

The more conservative a country the more harassment a solo female traveler can expect. Solo travel would never want to put you off visting any country but we would like to make you aware of some of the risks and safety measures that can be employed.

1. Make sure you dress appropriately

It is a sad fact that many local guys view Western women as promiscuous. This impression is largely due to how tourists dress.

The simple fact is that if you dress appropriately and cover up you will invite far less attention than you would otherwise.

If you are heading to a conservative Muslim nation then cover your shoulders and even your head.

2. Make sure you hook up with a male or another female traveler

If you are heading somewhere alone where there is an increased chance of harassment then try and hang out with other travelers. This again will greatly reduce any hassle you might get.

Check out our section on meeting other travelers for more ideas.

3. Wearing a ring on your wedding finger

This might seem a bit extreme but it can really work in your favour at times.

4. Change your behaviour for the situation

If you are acting drunk and a bit wild you are bound to create the sort of interest you are trying to avoid. This is the case in any country in the world. It will only add to the local's theory that women who behave like this are loose!

Try and avoid eye contact particularly when you are alone and feel vulnerable. Making eye contact may give many men the green light. Check out what local women do when they are getting attention from strange men. They will often look down and this is usually enough to get your point across.

5. Finally...

Do enjoy yourself and try and make an effort with the locals. Chose situations like cafes to make conversation and be friendly. Being wary of men coming up to you is sensible but don't let it entirely put you off making contact with anyone.

Be safe and try and hook up with people as you go along. Also ensure you have good travel insurance over 80 if you need coverage for medical conditions.

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