One Month Traveling in Ecuador

One Month Traveling in Ecuador

Brief introduction to Ecuador

Apart from the Galapagos Islands which must be the major pull to Ecuador, unless you’re doing a world tour based on Sash song titles, there are volcanoes jutting out across the land, snow capped peaks and wildlife galore. The capital is bursting with internationals here to learn the language and with the resultant nightlife.

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How to get to Ecuador and where is it?

Ecuador is on the north west of the South American continent. It’s main gateway is the capital city, Quito which very much embodies the essence of the country.

Markets, colourful streets, colonial churches and cathedrals are found along a valley surrounded by active volcanoes, with the great Cotopaxi in the background.

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The airport is a busy international gateway and you get to Quito from most major North and South American capitals. It is also possible to arrive overland from Peru or Colombia.

The Galapagos Islands are only really accessible but flying in from Quito.

Budget Accommodation in Ecuador

Most of the hotels are cheap so you won’t have to look too hard, especially outside the capital. You can camp absolutely anywhere, there are no campsites as such, but it’s best to ask the landowner and then camp within sight of their house for safety.

It’s not generally safe to camp at random in places close to towns, you might be safer in the wilderness.

As with most countries, the further you get away from the big cities, the cheaper accommodation will be.

A Traveller’s Budget for Ecuador

The food is cheap regardless, if you’re on an especially tight budget get the set meals in restaurants which shouldn’t set you back more than about US$5. If you can supplement this with some of the beautiful fruit on offer you’ll be doing great.

Travel is by abundant bus services covering the country. As per usual the cost goes up proportionally to the level of comfort. Hitching is possible but usually unnecessary as there are so many buses.

Activities for the Budget Traveller

Mountaineering – some of the best peaksare volcanoes, check they’re not about to kick off.

Diving off the stunning Galapagos Islands

The same off the Isla de la Plata if the Galapagos are too pricey for you

Rafting or Kayaking through the Rainforest

Mountainbiking in the Sierra

Horse riding, there’s a strong tradition of riding and it’s a great way to see the countryside.

Safety for solo travelers in Ecuador

Firstly always ensure you have travel insurance for over the time you are going to be in Ecuador as medical costs can be very high!

OK, Ecuador does not has the best reputation when it comes to backpacker safety. That said you should not be too paranoid and let it ruin your time in Ecuador.

Try and not walk around cities at night on your own, particularly the old town of Quito. Robberies do occur here and tourists are frequently the target.

Do not carry anything on you that’s valuable, particularly at night. Try and keep most of your valuables in your hostel, providing they can be locked up there.

Be careful when taking money out of ATMs, particularly if you are outside a bank.

Remember to consult your local travel advisory for Ecuador…

UK Govt advice for Ecuador >

US Gov advise for Ecuador >

February is a good time to be in Quito

February is a good time to travel to the Ecuadorian capital in 2019: you’ll miss the busy Carnival days in March, but get mild weather. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Quito has a historic quarter that was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Must-see highlights include La Compañía de Jesús, a Jesuit church with a Baroque-style interior that fuses elements of Moorish, Flemish, Italian, and indigenous art. Nearby on Plaza de San Francisco, the 16th-century Monastery of San Francisco is a notable Catholic church: It’s the largest architectural structure in colonial Latin America and Quito’s oldest church.

The Basilica del Voto Nacional is the largest new-Gothic basilica in the Americas, a two-spired Catholic cathedral that looks over the city. The church isn’t technically finished—in fact, local legend states that once it is finished, the world will end—but it’s worth checking out, especially for the views (which you can see by climbing the towers) and the turtles, iguanas, and armadillos that act as the gargoyles.

Quito also has a market for practically anything you’d want to buy, and in February, during the wet season, you’ll actually get plenty of sun for strolling the stalls. For traditional Ecuadorian clothing and crafts, such as alpaca sweaters, woven baskets, or leather bags, head for Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal. With hundreds of vendors selling artisan goods, it’s a great spot for souvenir shopping. Art enthusiasts and would-be collectors should stop by Parque El Ejido, where local artists sell their work on weekends.