Some tips to avoid scams in Bali

Some tips to avoid scams in Bali

Bali is a massive destination for the solo traveler. There are so many activities here that lend themselves to meeting up with like minded people. It doesn’t matter if you are a yogi or a surfer (perhaps you are both!) you will find other solos to share your experiences with!

Tripadvisor users now rates Bali as it’s number one destination in the World for 2017 and it’s no surprise. Somewhere so popular is always going to attract those who want to take advantage of tourists, particularly those who travel alone.

So with this is mind we thought we’d cover some of the well known and less known scams in Bali. Many of these scams of course are common in any busy tourist destination, so read on if you are heading anywhere popular on your own.

Arriving at Bali Airport

The scams in Bali can pretty much start as soon as you step off the plane.

Instead of walking straight into the hands of the taxi mafia, just head upstairs to the arrivals hall and pick up a Bluebird taxi that will have just dropped off. These guys are the most reliable taxi company in Bali. A trip into Kuta will cost 1/4 of the price of the taxi mafia.

You could even walk out of the airport and pick one up outside, however it’s not that easy to negotiate the airport on foot and you might have to use google maps.

Buying things from stores, mini marts etc in Indonesia

One of my pet Bali hates is the fact that the people working in the shops are not always the most honest and short changing is rife. This particularly seems to be the case in the many small mini marts that are everywhere.

Always add up your bill as you go around the store and check your change.

Getting ill in Bali

Private hospitals in Bali are extremely expensive. You do not want to get seriously ill or have a bad accident in Bali and be without comprehensive travel insurance. If you are really ill then you may have to be flown out to Singapore or Darwin which is going to cost a fortune. Do not risk coming to Bali without travel cover!

Beach sellers, hawkers and other annoyances

The key here is to not show you are visibly upset by these people. At the end of the day they are just trying to make a living. Be aware that if they can get away with ripping you off, then the probably will.

You might think the $10 sarong you purchased on the beach was a bargain but that same item would cost $4 in a large store and probably $1 to the vendor! Again these people are just trying to make money to survive so overpaying is not a big deal but be aware.

Hotels and guesthouses in Bali

There are no real scam as such. In the past you might have been presented with a different bill that suddenly includes extra tax, but this is rare now. if you are walking in off the street then ask for the NETT cost of a room to ensure you are aware of the full amount.

Transportation in Bali

As mentioned above, the most reliable taxi company is Bluebird but be aware that other taxi companies paint their vehicles the same colour to fool tourists!

The taxi to the left is a bluebird and the one in front is not!

We also recommend the Perama bus network to get around the main sites of Bali such as Ubud and Lovina. There are plenty of private drivers too, many of which will offer a fair deal, but just ensure you negotiate before you take off!

And finally…

Bali is a great destination so enjoy this beautiful little island.