Australia for Solo Backpackers and Travelers

As a Backpacking Solo Destination:

Australia is great for solo travellers and the opportunities to meet people of all ages are limitless. The country is highly geared to backpacking and solo travel.

Australians are very friendly by and large and will not find the concept of traveling alone at all odd. If you manage to keep away from the hostel scene for a while you are more likely to meet Aussies as well. Try staying at holiday camping sites and head to the barby.

Accommodation for Solos:

The best option if you are on your own in Australia is to stay in Hostels. Virtually all hostels provide dormitory style accommodation which is a great way to meet other travellers and arrange activities.

Hostels range from party style backpackers that generally have a young feel (late teens to 24) and most people are out for a good time and lots of drinking. At the other end of the spectrum are YHAs that generally attracts an older traveller or people that are less bothered about drinking all the time!

Budget for Solos:

Hostels start at around A$11 for very cheap dorms rooms to A$25 a night for more expensive dorms. YHAs are in this bracket.

Australia is generally cheap for solo travellers. Your biggest expense will be somewhere to sleep particularly if you are not prepared to share a dorm.

One alternative is to camp. Hostels away from the cities and large urban areas will generally allow you camp in their grounds so providing you with your own space. Camping is also possible in the excellent network of national parks and is very cheap.

Trips and activities for Solos:

As earlier mentioned Australia is very geared up to tourism and independent travel. One great way to meet other liked minded travellers is to join one of the many organised tours.

Here is a list of ideas.

Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands.
Camping and trekking on Fraser Island.
Surf safaris on the West Coast.
Packages to Daintree National Park
Diving and Sailing trips off Cairns

There are so many activities to suit all ages and tastes and you'll be sure to meet loads of other people this way.


Check out the Australia budget calculator.

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