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Budget Travel

Traveling on a tight budget but still want to go Solo? It’s still possible to travel alone and not spend too much money. We will show you the way!

Solo Travel in the Caribbean

Have you ever considered heading to the Caribbean as a solo traveler? Check out our guide to some of the island nations of this spectacular region.

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Going Solo in Panama – Budget Central American Travel

Panama could be described as an ‘up and gone already’ destination, having proved very popular with American tourists and expats for a number of years. Actually it is very easy to get off the beaten track in the country and Panama for solo travel is a great destination for backpackers.

Gay guide to Amsterdam for the solo traveler

More than any other city in the world, Amsterdam not only appears to tolerate gay and lesbian culture it actively seems to celebrate it. Truly this is a city upon which the mantle of gay mecca can sit comfortably!