Backpacker Guide to Argentina for Solo Travelers

As a solo destination:

Argentina, as with all of South America, is a great destination for solo travellers. You are bound to meet other travellers from all over the world as this country is visited by people from everywhere.

It is a very attractive country for travellers as it is modern, clean and very cheap. All
the travellers will tell you that Argentina is exactly like Europe but for a third of the price.

It is a lot more fun if you are able to speak to the locals so a quick. Spanish course before you leave will do you no harm.

Accommodation for solo travellers:

Argentina has all sorts of accomodation available to solo travellers. Hostels are the cheapest. Most of them offer breakfast and have a range of rooms, from dormitory style to doubles and singles (doubles and singles being more expensive).

Budget for solo travellers:

A dorm room in a decent hostel with breakfast should cost you around A$9 a night. However, if you stay for a whiloe or if you go in thier low season, you should be able to bargain and get it cheaper. A good meal will cost you around $A5.

Trips and activities for solos:

Argentina has a lot to see and do. From European Buenos Aires, the amazing Iguasu Falls on the Brasilian border to undescribable Patagonia in the south.

In Buenos Aires, there are tango shows on every night and a 'must see' if you are in Argentina is a football match. You will experience passion that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

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