Backpacker Guide to Egypt for Solo Travellers

As a solo destination:

Whilst travelling through Egypt there are countless ways of meeting fellow travellers. A majority of these involve staying in many of the popular hotels mentioned in the guide books.

Many of the independent travellers are in pairs or on their own and it's perfectly acceptable to join them without any ill feeling.

Accommodation for solo travellers:

In the popular tourist areas cheap hotels are in abundance. There is a wide range of choice for people on all budgets. There are many dormitory style rooms for those are on the tightest of budgets, however for not much more it is perfectly achievable to get a single room.

Because Egyptians don't drink much you'll find a majority of these hotels devoid of drunken revelry, but full of late night conversations into where to go and what to see.

Budget for solo travellers:

Egypt is a very cheap country for all travellers. A single room in Cairo will cost approx US$5 and a good meal will be about the same. Outside of Cairo it can get even cheaper, although it's worth remembering that nowhere in Egypt is really off the beaten track and prices reflect this.

Watch out for the tourist restaurants where although the food may look familiar it will be expensive to find out.

Trips and activities for solos:

At almost every site you will meet fellow travellers but here are some of the best ways to meet up with others:

A Felluca trip up the Nile - A couple of days relaxing on sail boat with 7 others.

A guided tour around the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings

Dahab- a relaxed town on the Red Sea full of other travellers.

A night trip up Mount Sinai-walking in the dark gives everybody a sense of camaraderie.

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