Solo Traveler Stereotypes - What type of backpacker are you?


Solo Travel is taking a look at the different stereotypes of other solo travelers that you might meet on the road

The So Called Travel Expert

Have you ever met anyone on the road who knows the lonely planet inside out? In fact they probably even know when the current edition was published.

It really does n't matter where you are heading because the Travel Expert has been there, probably more than once as well. They will know which guesthouse to stay out, which activity to do and which operator to do it with.

The usually have the lonely planet country guide but can sometimes be seen with the Rough Guide also. The more astute will probably have both.

The thing that they hate more than anything in the world is an out of date guidebook.

Finally if you happen to be travelingwith the expert and fancy staying somewhere that is n't is their guidebook then forget it. Equally eating out will be the same.

Also known as:

- The Lonely Planet
- Guidebook Hugger

The Long Long Term Solo Traveler

You have probably met this type of backpacker hanging out around Koh San Road in Bangkok. Some of them have been their months but others have been there years. They are particularly known to hang around food stalls that also sell Large Changs for 30 baht.

They left their home country in the West some five years previous and never really made it back. That one way ticket was always going to be a bad idea.

Now they live out their days in an alcoholic haze. They can't leave because they have overstayed their visa by a year and they have no money for a flight home anyway. Their credit cards are maxed out but they always seem to have enough to live comfortably by third world standards.

Also known as:

- A Modern Hippy
- The Long Termer

The Solo Chaveler

The definition of a Chav is one from an emerging British sub-culture who sports tracksuits, basball caps and usually a foul mouth. The Chaveler was once only found in the 'British' resorts of Spain and Greece (outside of the UK) usually wearing a shiny football shirt and bad tattoos.

The Chaveller has now exported his narrow mind and sunburn further away and can be found in exotic locations such as Bangkok, Koh Samui, Bali and Sydney.

The Solo Chaveller is always the first in the bar and the last one to leave and is usually seen hunting down decent British food (Doner Kebab) in the small hours wherever he is.

The Solo Chaveller is usually male but an increasing number are female and usually found wearing burberry and big hoops in their ears on the East coast of Australia.

Also known as:

- Sub species of human
- Rude Boy / Girl

The 'Canadian' Solo Traveler

Has anyone else noticed how many Canadian flags are on backpacks? Surely this modest population can't produce this many adventurous people? Canada is n't that bad that all the people in their 20s and 30s have to leave.

The answer to this is that they are probably American. Why an American has to disguise themselves as their northern neighbor nobody really knows.

They rely on the fact that most Europeans cannot tell the difference between their accent but get them to say 'out' and you blow their cover!

Also known as:

- The Fake Canadian
- Dude

If you have come across any other types of solo traveler then contact us with your tale.

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