Hawaii for Backpackers and Solo Travellers

As a solo destination:

With warm weather year round and thousands of pristine beaches that lace this volcanic chain of tropical islands, Hawaii is the perfect destination for outdoor adventures.

Traveling solo you should encounter no difficulties getting to meet fellow travelers at hostels and campsites. Generally the locals are warm and welcoming to outsiders,
however some of the beaches which are frequented by the islanders can be slightly hostile for tourists. Theft can be a problem so always keep an eye on your things!

Accommodation for solo travellers:

Unless your budget allows it or you decide to work during your stay, hostels and camp sites are the most realistic option. In Honolulu there are plenty of hostels in Waikiki which offer the typical backpacker experience.

Outside of the city the best places to sleep are the beach camp sites, but make sure you use a designated camping beach other wise you will be moved on and fined by the police.

Budget for solo travellers:

Hostels are all around $20 for a dorm room, and camp sites range from $5 to $10. Food in Hawaii is fairly averagely priced, I'd say you'll probably spend between $15 and $20 a day on food depending on whether you cook in the hostels or eat out.

Trips and activities for  solos:

There are plenty of activities to choose from, ranging from surfing the roaring waves of Sunset Beach to snow boarding Mauna Kea on the Big Island.

You can take helicopter rides through the jungle clad mountain peaks into hidden valleys and canyons or spend a relaxed afternoon joining in with one of the many beach volleyball tournaments.

Your best bet when choosing an activity is to pick a copy of "101 Things To Do"
which lists the activities offered on that island and will usually offer you a 5-10% discount.

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