Solo Travel Guide to Bali, Indonesia 

As a Solo Destination

Bali is a great place to go if you are travelling on your own. One thing is sure that you won't actually be alone! Bali has just about recovered from the terrorist bombing of 2002 and is now flourishing again.

Bali is a very popular stop on many round the world itineries and you won't have a problem hooking up with other travellers.


There are very few dormitories in the hostels in Bali. As a solo traveller you will almost certainly have your own room and attached bathroom.

Double rooms and single rooms offer great value and as a solo traveller you won't have to worry too much about paying for a double when there are no singles. Bali is cheap and the quality of accommodation is excellent. It is quite likely that you will have a swimming pool as well!


Guesthouses and Hotels in Bali start at around 200,000 Rupiah (approx $9) for a single room to 300,000 for a double. This will vary significantly through the island and also depend on the time of year as well.

The most expensive time to visit Bali is the dry season (May to September). Prices can almost double in this time but bear in mind it is still very cheap.

Trips and activities:

There are plenty of activities on Bali and these are great ways to get to know other travelers. Why not learn to surf with one of the surf schools on Kuta beach? Or learn to cook in Ubud.

There are some excellent day trips which are great for meeting others.

Here is a list of ideas.

Rafting in the central mountains
Climbing one of the Volcanoes
Diving the Liberty Shipwreck




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