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Doing your travel research before you go

Traveling solo can be so rewarding. Some people think it is solo rewarding that they hae created web sites about solo traveling! The main issue that raises peoples eyebrows about solo travel is the safety issue.

There are lots of steps you as a solo traveler can take before you jet off. Listed below are the essential things you should do before you go.

1. Research the countries / regions you are visiting

This is the number one thing you should do before leaving and applies to all types of travel, not just solo. The essential thing to do is to check your governments travel advisory.Listed below are four of the main English speaking advisories.

> United States - Travel.State.Gov
> United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office
> Australia - Smart Traveller
> Canada - Consular Affairs

Your research does n't have to stop there. There are lots of resources on the web with travel advice that is country specific. Just be aware of the source of the advice and always check your country's advisory.

2. Read up on local laws and customs

When you visit a foreign country as a solo traveler you are not above their laws or customs. Many foreigners in the Bangkok Hilton will vouch for this. Do your research.

3. Leaving a rough itinerary

Part of the delight of solo travel is that you can choose to go where you want when you want. Despite this you should still leave a rough copy of your itinerary with family or friends at home. This is so you can still be contacted in an emergency.

4. Making copies of important documents

This is the case for all travelers whether solo or not. You should always make a copy of your passport and leave it in seperate place to the originals.

5. Ensure you take spare ATM cards / credit cards and some spare cash.

If you are traveling on your own you may have to be dependent on yourself if you lose a credit card. Likewise always have some spare cash (US Dollars and Euros are best) so if you get in a tricky situation on your own you have some money to fall back on.

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