Belize for Backpackers and Solo Travelers

Belize as a Solo Destination:

Belize is small but beautifully varied country ideal for solo travellers looking for a bit of solitude, as well as travellers wanting to meet other backpackers and local Belizeans. Belize is on the backpacker trail through Central America, so people are very used to seeing travellers alone and in groups, as well as travellers of all sexes and nationalities.

It is an easy country to backpack through, with reasonably priced food, accomodation, and drink, as well as exciting activities such as diving, snorkelling, and hiking.

Belizeans are exceedingly laid back and this relaxed atmosphere rubs off on the many backpackers, creating a very friendly vibe throughout the country.

Accomodation for Solo Travellers:

Hostels are few in Belize, with no YHA hostels. Hotels and guesthouses, however, are relatively cheap in comparison with travel in westernized countries.  Along the coastal areas and islands beach huts are between US$10-15 and rooms in hotels set back from the beach are usually cheaper, about US$5-10.  

In the cities and rural inland areas rooms are even cheaper, usually about US$5.  Amenities are generally basic but adequate.  It is worth asking guesthouses if they have dormitories, as some run year-round or peak-season dormitories. This is a great way to save a bit of money as well as meet fellow travellers.

Budget for Solo Travellers:

Although Belize is expensive compared to some of its Central American neighbours, it is easy to get by on US$20-30 per day.  Accomodation will average approximately US$10 per night and a basic meal of rice with chicken or fish is about US$2. While on the islands and coastal villages you can get a fresh seafood barbeque of prawns, tuna, or conch steak with corn, potatoes or rice for only about US$5-7!  

Drinks are reasonable as well, with sodas and water all well under a US$1 and beers and cocktails only US$1-3. It is worthwhile to note that almost everywhere in Belize the US dollar is accepted as well as the Belizean dollar.

Tips and Activities for Solo Travellers:

Belize is a very friendly and relaxed country, yet solo travellers should always exercise basic precautions and be wary of backstreets and remote beaches at night.  There are numerous activities to do and sights to see, although one of the best parts of being in Belize is the slow pace of daily life so don't forget to just sit back and relax and soak up the Carribean atmosphere!

Some things to do include:

-Dive the Blue Hole near Caye Caulker
-Sip ice-cold Belikin beer while watching the sunset over turqouise water
-Listen to Punta Rock, the national music which pumps out of almost all the
bars and restaurants
-Snorkel along the reefs of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye
-Hike Mayan ruins in the jungles of western Belize
-Swing in a hammock in the rasta bars of the Cayes and Placencia

Belize is an all-around heaven for solo travellers; there are plenty of options to get off the beaten track and find peaceful solitude in jungle hiking, mangrove forests, or Carribean beaches.

 In addition, the very nature of the Belizean people is friendly and sociable and you will never struggle to find a Belizean or traveller to sit back have a drink or meal with you.

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