England for Solo Travelers and Backpackers

As a solo destination:

England and London in particular is a very welcoming place for solo travelers. Indeed there maybe few places with so many solo people about. London is the usual starting off point for anyone traveling around England and is very much the hub of the country in terms of travel.

English people are friendly and will not find the concept of solo travel
strange. Indeed many of the working holiday makers from the Commonwealth and
other European countries.


London as well as most of the major tourist centres are well geared up to
the independent solo traveller and you should always be able to find a bed
in a hostel. Most hostels have dormitory style accommodation which is great
for meeting other of course!

Apart from privately run hostels there are many YHA backpackers throughout
England in both towns and cities as well as in the countryside. The age
range here is very broad and they are great places for meeting different

The cheapest private boarding for single people would be Bed and Breakfasts
that are available everywhere. For the solo who does n't want to share a
dorm this can be a good cheap option. B&Bs as they are known start from
GBP20.00 depending on the time of year and where you are.

Trips and activities:

There are many options for organised tours in England and there are numerous
backpacker style trips where you can easily meet people. Although England is
small there is a wide range of activities that cater for all ages and all
fitness. You could try hiking in the Lake District, mountain biking in the
New Forest or surfing in the West Country.
Many of the YHAs have organised trips which are great for solo travellers
and is an easy way to make new friends.


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