Solo Travel Guide to the Islands of Fiji

As a Solo Destination

Fiji is very much geared to independent travel and solo travelers will not feel out of place here. Some of the islands are very much geared to partying younger backpackers and if you find yourself alone you certainly won't be on some of these islands.

The locals are also incrediably friendly folk and if you are struggling to make conversation with other travelers you won't have a problem with the friendly Fijians, especially if you like talking Rugby!


The islands of Fiji are well equipped with all levels of accommodation from the luxury to the budget. For solo travelers the main type of Island accommodation comes in the shape of huge hostels with even bigger dorms. If bunk beds are your thing and you enjoy sharing a room with up to 100 people then head to Fiji! There are of course smaller dorms available. All this dorm sharing does make Fiji a very good environment for single travelers.

One thing that is worth noting is that some of the budget accommodation can be very poor in quality and you will have to pay much more in Fiji for the same standard as you would get in Thailand or Bali for instance.


Fiji is a fairly cheap destination for solo travelers and backpackers. We would say it is not as cheap as South East Asia but not as expensive as say Australia or New Zealand.


The main activities are water based. Surfing is big business in Fiji although you do have to be experienced as there are very few beach breaks to learn on. Most of the breaks are way out on the coral reefs and will involve some form of transport to get there.

Other water based actvities include diving and snorkelling. If you are travelling on your own these activities can be a very good way to meet people. There are many organised boat trips off the Islands where you can hook up with other divers or snorkelers.

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