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Early start today... we had to be by our cars ready with our things by 7.45am at the latest. Once the groups are complete the drivers were informed about how to use 4 wheel drive and things that may be different compared to other cars, while others members of the group were being informed about the food we were getting and the recommended cooking schedule. Once the formalities had been done the groups started to load the cars with everything you could think of including eski's (cool boxes) full of alcohol, 4 boxes of food and 2 boxes of utensils, cmaping equipment and our own backpacks.... a squeeze but possible with 10 people in the car!!

My group was a bit multi-national it included Faye and myself - English, Helen and Chelle - Welsh, Alex and Patrick - Austrian, Wolf and Christian - German, Laura - Dutch and Jeanette - Canadian. But we all managed to get on and have a good laugh.

Helen was the first designated driver over to Fraser Island with Alex and I joining her in the front trying our best to navigate once over on fraser island, but that was harder than first thought as they didnt have roads over there it was dirt tracks or the beach and the dirt tracks were so bumpy the car was bouncing around like something possessed, it was quite funny.

Before we experienced the non-existent roads we caught the ferry over which took about 20 mins and was very relaxing.

Our first stop at Fraser was a place called Eurong, which took about an hour and a bit to get there along a very bumpy dirt track and then the beach which was cool, although we did see a dead turtle on the way which was nasty and smelt awful, getting into Eurong wasn't as simple as we thought as we had to dig the car out of the soft sand at one point!

Eurong was only a small place with a hotel resort there, but we just stopped for lunch at a picnic stop round the corner from the hotel, before heading up the coast. To understand our journey our aim was to get to Indian Head and find a camping site before sunset!

After lunch we headed to Eli Creek which were told was beautiful, and it was, we were so lucky with the weather we were able to appreciate the stops much more. The creek wasn't cold but just right so I had a dip and we walked up the creek before going back to the car... We couldnt get over how beautiful the place was being so close to the beach and the ocean.

Once we had dried off we set about heading to the Maheno shipwreck, but nothing is simple as Alex had problems parking the car when we arrived at the creek because the sand was so soft, so you can imagine that digging the car took some time and effort but we got there eventually and made our way up more and more beach before seeing the wreck in eyeshot.

The shipwreck was amazing and got some great group pictures taken there as the scenery was amazing. We didnt stay that long as we knew we had limited time before the sun was due to set so off we went to Indian Head which wasn't far ahead and I can honestly say that the views were well worth the drive up there. Looking out to sea some people saw whales, sharks, dolphins and sting rays as the sea was that clear.... me personally I saw a couple of whales in the distance.

Now that we had completed our drive to Indian Head our next task was finding a camping spot, after chatting to the other groups we agreed to camp near to the shipwreck. We arrived about an hour before sunset and were able to put the tents up and get the cooking things out and start dinner. The sunset was great and being on fraser made it feel sureal.

After dinner, which included steak and salad we sat on our plastic matting and had a few drinks, chatted and had a good laugh and a giggle, before joining the groups who were at the site. The funniest thing was when the call of nature came and we had to go off in twos because of dingos being around it was safier to go in pairs. Th trip to the loo involved a shovel and loo roll, us girls had the joy of digging a hole and you can imagine the rest.

A great first day on fraser, what will tomorrow bring?? .....

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