Hiking, Trekking and Tramping Solo

Introduction to Solo Hiking

Hiking can be as rewarding solo as it is when you are in a group. For those who would rather hike is a group there are plenty of options to join up with others.

If you would rather hike in a group you might wish to consider the following options...

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Sherpa Expeditions Adventure Holidays
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Hiking, trekking and tramping for the independent solo traveller

There are a huge number of trekking companies worldwide that cater for solo and single people looking to hook up with others. A list of some of the better known outfits are at the bottom of this page.

If you are on the road as an independent traveller and looking for a cheaper option than an organised trekking company then you still have plenty of options. Many of the multi-day hikes in the Andies, Alps, Himalayas and other major mountainous area all have huts where you can stay for a small fee in most cases.

These huts are a great way to meet other people and you are bound to be able to hook up with someday for the next day's trek. Similarly camp sites will also present the same opportunities. Just keep a look out for the small one man tents and be friendly.

If you are staying at a trail head or a village / town that is geared to trekking then it will not do any harm to put some notices up advertising for trekking partners. You will be surprised with the response you get!

Safety when trekking alone (please see our specialist section on travel safety alone)

Many will advise against trekking alone, particularly if you are going right off the beaten track. This site would not want to encourage you to go alone under these circumstances. However if you are keeping to well worn tracks and if there are other people about (even one or two) then there is no reason why you can't take off by yourself.

Whether you go alone will largely depend on where you are thinking of trekking. If you are heading up a 7000m peak in Nepal then you need support around you. If you are heading to one of New Zealand's popular multi-day tramps in the summer time then obviously this is safer as you will always be around people if something goes wrong.

If you cannot find trekking partners then you can always hire a guide. If you are in a cheap country then this can be an affordable way to go hiking and you'll have expert local knowledge assisting you. Always try and find a local guide.

Organised tours recommended by Solo Travel

Asian Trekking are an excellent outfit if you are looking to scale some of the peaks of the great Himalayan range. They specialise in expeditions as well as cultural tours.

The Adventure Climbing and Trekking Company of South America are another excellent outfit. They claim that no other trekking company in South America comes close to their range of expeditions. They cover Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Peak Freaks offers hiking and climbing in Nepal. They specialise in high altitude walking and peak bagging. They have a good record of conservation awareness for the mountain environment.

Active New Zealand offer a variety of outdoor activities including trekking. They pride themselves on being friendly yet professional.

Absolute Adventure Travel are based in the USA and specialise in treks and adventures worldwide. They have a great range of trips to Africa.

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