Scuba Diving and Snorkeling for Solos

Introduction to scuba diving

Scuba diving and snorkeling are great activities to meet other like minded travellers. The activities are now very popular throughout the world and there are some great sites to visit.


Scuba diving and snorkeling for the solo traveller

Going on a dive is a perfect activity for the solo traveler and the opportunities to meet others are limitless.

Many countries around the world offer the chance to learn to dive and become a certified diver with PADI.

Once you are certified then you can dive almost anywhere in open water. Advanced certifications are available as well.

Even if you don't want to dive you can always go on snorkeling trips. Often dive trips will allow snorklers to come along as well. Again a great way to break the lonely blues on the road!

Where to learn \ where to go scuba diving

You can learn just about anywhere in the world but there are some places that stand out. For instance if you are on a budget and would like to be in warm waters with other backpackers in particular then Thailand or Malaysia are good places to head.

Australia is offers warmer waters and the Great Barrier Reef is as good a place to learn. Again this is great for the single traveller as you are bound to be on courses with other people in your situation.

The Red Sea is popular as is the Mediterranean.

Further Information

Great sites to look at for general information on Scuba Diving include Scuba Diving which is a popular magazine for serious divers. Be sure to check out the PADI web site as well.

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