Thailand for Backpacker & Solo Travel

As a solo destination:

The land of smiles has to be one of the premier destinations for long term travel and is very popular with single backpackers.

Thailand can be done on a small budget and there are so many other travellers that you should be able to find like minded people to hang out with.


There are very few dormitories in the hostels in Thailand. As a solo traveller you will almost certainly have your own room. Some dorms do exist but these tend to be concentrated in the Bangalumpa area of Bangkok which is the travellers ghetto and very much the centre of backpacking in South-east Asia.

You will be more likely staying in a guesthouse in your own room. Double rooms and single rooms offer great value and as a solo traveller you won't have to worry too much about paying for a double when there are no singles.

One drawback is that it can be harder to meet people when you have your own room. It becomes more like staying in a hotel. Fortunately many guesthouses in Thailand have communal areas where you can meet others like cafes and TV rooms.


Guesthouses in Thailand start at around 150 baht for a single room to 700 for a double. This will vary significantly through the kingdom and also depend on the time of year as well.

Dorms, if you can find them will start from 75 baht.

Camping is an option in Thailand but with rooms so cheap it might not be worth your while unless you are in a national park.

Trips and activities:

Thailand has embraced tourism like no other country. Rest assured that they will be ample ways to spend your hard earned cash here.

There are some excellent day trips which are great for meeting others.

Here is a list of ideas.

Kayaking the mangrove swamps of Krabi
Visiting the floating markets of Bangkok
Hill tribe trekking in the north
Learning to dive around Thailand's islands.



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