Solo Travel & Backpacking Guide to Qatar  

As a solo destination:

Qatar is not geared so much for solo travellers.  It is a world on its
own.  There is a lot of desert and a lot of camels raoming aorund, so
it will truly give you the arabian expereince most people imagine the
Arabian Gulf to be.  It is not commercialised and still has it's
authentic traditional pearl diving and fishing yachts.  It is
definately worthwhile visiting Qatar, because it will not be long
until it gets discovered.

Accommodation for solo travellers:

There are no hostels in Qatar as the country is not aimed for solo
travellers.  However there are a large numer of cheap hotels located
all around the capital Doha.  Even the top brand hotel chains are
quite reasonably priced if you are willing to spoil yourself a little.
  Most hotels offer alcoholic beverages in the hotel restaurant and the
lobbies as you will not find alcohol sold anywhere else.  It is not
very easy to meet people in the hotel as most guests are businessmen.
Most hotels have a bar and club and this makes for a great place to
meet locals and foreigners alike.

Budget for solo travellers:

Hotel prices start around 20 US dollars, which is quite reasonable.
Food in Qatar is plentiful and is very cheap.  You can get your
occasional fast foos chain and your authentic Indian and asian dishes
from the local restaurant.  The best mode of transportation in Qatar
is by using taxis and it is also one of the cheapest taxi services in
the region (25 US cents a kilometre).  Do also remember that Qatar is
a completely tax free state, which helps also bring prices down on
shopping products.  In the traditional souqs, it is common and often
courteous to bargain with the shopkeepers.

Trips and activities for solos:

Qatar has not yet been fully discovered, which makes it a unique and
wonderful place to visit.  Do learn some of the traditions before you
leave, such as not folding your legs to show your foot sole and being
carfeul not to take any photos which have any local females in them.
There are lots of activities in Qatar which are both exciting and
unique for this country.

Here is a list of ideas.

Sailing in the luke warm Arabian Gulf waters
Camping in the desert after having a camel ride
Sand dune bashing with your four wheel drive cars
Sand Skiing on sand dunes with a t-shirt
Visiting old museums and fortresses which the British have built

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