Tunisia for Solo Travellers

As a solo destination:

As a solo destination, Tunisia is a highlight of North Africa. Although package deals inundate the coast, the country is an independent traveller's dream. Tunisia is easily explored via an excellent transportation system of collective taxis, which are an opportunity to meet locals and like-minded travellers. Tunisians are very friendly and welcoming of solo travellers, and there is little hassle for women travelling alone; a pleasant contrast to other destinations of the region.

Accommodation for solo travellers :

Hotels are the mainstay in Tunisia. Most hotels have a selection of single, twin and triple rooms. Prices may be negotiable for solo travellers. Tunisia's two youth hostels are located in Tunis and Jerba.

Budget for solo travellers :

Solo travellers can travel Tunisia comfortably on a budget of £15 per day, bearing in mind varying hotel accommodation, the relatively low cost of dining, and cheap transportation. Hotel prices start from £5 per night.

There is always a collective taxi heading to the next town, it's just a matter of waiting half an hour until enough people fill the taxi for the fare. Public bus and train are cheaper, albeit much slower means of travel.

Trips and activities for solos:

Tunisia caters for archaeology, architecture and Star Wars buffs, intrepid camel riders and those travellers content to relax on the beach and trawl through the colourful souqs , markets. Here is a list of Tunisia's highlights:

Tunis and Kairouan - impressive Arab architecture and famous mosques.

El Jem coliseum - a rival to Rome with the attraction of fewer crowds and access under the arena.

Tozeur - an excellent base for trips to the Atlas Mountains and old Star Wars sets preserved in the desert. Another town, Matmata , boasts underground hotels and the famous Star Wars bar.

Sahara - camel riding and overnight excursions depart Douz with Berber guides and crotchety camels.

Jerba, Mahdia, and Sousse are beachside and a pleasant change from the desert. Activities revolve around relaxing in the sun, cups of apple tea, and haggling over prices of chicha pipes in the souq .

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