The 5 most useless things to take traveling when you are on your own

1. Text Books or Study Guides

Come on be serious with yourself? Ok, the prospect of spending days on end on your own in some far flung country may seem like an ideal time to learn something new. Lets be honest when go traveling you are generally trying to get away from these things that remind yourself of home.

Leave the books at home. After all they are heavy and you'll only use them when you need something to be propped up.

2. Electricity Adapters

You'll be surprised how many of these things lurk in the bottom of a solo backpacker's backpack. Maybe it was a going away present from a relation or a last minute buy at the airport.

The truth is that you probably won't have anything electrical to power anyway or you'll spend all your time in a beach hut with only candles for light!

3. A Phrase Book

If you speak English then forget the phrase book. If you have ever been to South East Asia you will know that every man and his scruffy little dog wants to learn English and will insist on speaking to you in their version.

4. A Bum Bag or Money Belt

Another present from a relative to say good luck and goodbye. Did your relative realize that every robber in the Third World knows exactly where to look for a travelers money?

5. Washing Powder

Do you really think people in Bangkok wash their clothes in the river using some dodgy soap? (Well some probably do and have you seen the colour of the Bangkok Chao Phraya river?!)

The fact is washing powder is available everywhere and you do not have to smuggle it in! Have you ever considered what a customs officer might think when he comes across this small bag of white powder in the bottom of your backpack?

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