Solo guide to Burkina Faso and Cameroon

Ok, so these two central African nations might not be on everyone’s bucket list but they represent evergreen opportunities for the intrepid solo backpacker. Of course you should always check out your own government travel advisory website before travelling anywhere in Africa so please do so for your own benefit, particularly if you are travelling … Read more

Solo guide for England and Scotland

England and Scotland, two of the countries that make up the United Kingdom along with Wales and Northern Ireland are awesome places to visit on a solo trip. Occupying a large part of Great Britain there is every possible travel experience on offer in this small but proud nations. Birth place of the English language, … Read more

Solo travel guide to Guatemala and Honduras

Central America is becoming a well trodden region of the world for intrepid backpackers and solo travellers. The advantages are clear, the region is still going through development which means it’s one of the cheapest regions of the world and the climate is hot year around due to proximity of the Equator. Guatemala is one … Read more

Solo Travel Guide to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Central America, the new Southeast Asia perhaps? Well political tensions aside the region is looking more stable and friendly towards independent travellers. Two of the most stable countries are Costa Rica which is possibly the most stable country in the whole of Americas andĀ Nicaragua which is well on the road to stability after a turbulent … Read more